Yes, You CAN Do This

Don’t compromise. Don’t allow someone else’s opinion to steer you away from what you’ve always wanted. If you do, it’s no one else’s fault but your own.

We all have dreams. Some of us are crazy enough to go after them, but I wish we were all crazy enough to go after our dreams. What a beautiful world that would be – full of people avidly taking risks for something that sets their soul on fire.

The secret is that we don’t need to be crazy to take risks or have dreams. All we need is to be aware of what or to whom we give power to stop those dreams from manifesting. The hardest part about that lesson is that it’s often the people with whom we’re the closest that end up standing in the way of what we’ve always wanted. I wish it weren’t so, but pause for a moment and try to remember why you left that last dream buried in the sand somewhere. What happened before it could take off? Who supported you? Who told you it would never work? To whom did you finally listen?

One of the most important tools I’ve ever learned in my 29 years is to be able to tell the difference between someone who actively listens to your dream and is happy for you, and someone who becomes triggered by your dream and stops you. You will always have those two types of people in your life – the supporters and the naysayers. Not only will they be in your life, but they will be an integrally close part of your everyday tribe. They are there for a reason, and because you’ll never be able to truly escape the naysayers in particular, my advice is that you allow them to be, but learn from them.

The supporter is your people. They are the part of your group that drive you forward to your goal and pick you up when you’ve run out of energy to carry yourself. They’re the ones with random advice that falls to you like a blessing, or a miraculous connection that is way too perfect to be just a coincidence. They will always believe in your dream, because they’re meant to. After all, we don’t have these dreams because we’re bored. We have them because we’re worth more than the life we complain about; our supporters are here to remind us of that, each and every day.

The naysayer is not your people. They are the part of your group that you attract, but are more than welcome to discard. You just have to be aware enough, and then willing to do so. The naysayer is the one who shows you every poor angle of your dream – the downfall, the risk you’re taking, the money you’re giving up, the promotion you’re skipping out on. They’re the ones telling you stories of their one friend who did the same thing and came home broke, or statistics on why you wouldn’t succeed. What you may not know, however, is that they’re also the ones triggered by your dream, which is why they’re the naysayer in the first place. You see, the naysayer is just a supporter who, somewhere along the road of their own dream, compromised. When life got hard and the dream became too distant, they gave up and settled, and to this day, they live with regret. How difficult do you think it is, then, to remain a supporter when you’ve pushed your own dreams away? I would imagine, quite difficult. So, they become your own test. In the midst of their negativity, your own dream is put to the drill. Can you still believe in what makes you over-the-moon joyful when you’re surrounded by people telling you it’s crap? To what edge can they push you before you break?

Because just like you have your supporters and naysayers, you yourself become one in the middle of your own dream making. And how more beautiful this world would be if we all rose up to be more genuine supporters, reminding one another that “yes, you CAN do this!“?

I think this world has more than enough people telling you no.

To dream is to risk. It’s risking the comfort and stability you’ve created. But remember – you had to create that comfort from scratch at some point. Whose to say you can’t do that again?



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