The Eight Lessons

Around every corner of our life, we’re faced with emotions that test us. Be it judgement or rejection, we’re often a handful of negative thoughts or habit patterns away from a full downward spiral. I am not a stranger to this, which is why I started playing my own therapist (in conjunction with having an actual one). I realized that I had the ability to heal myself whenever I turned that corner and faced something dark. I just had to train my brain in heeding the lessons that came my way, instead of fighting against them. Out of that practice came the Eight Lessons. I hope they are of service to you as they have been to me.









As I said before, we all have an ability to heal ourselves from what comes after us in harm. Nothing bad comes around without a powerful lesson attached to it. I’ve come to learn that taking the time to understand the lesson makes the trauma easier to bear and live with. My hope is that these visuals give you inspiration and motivation to go after your own lessons and traumas.

Please consider these yours just as much as they are mine. Share them, print them, keep them in your wallet. My only dream here is that these will help someone find a little light in their darkness, as I’ve found mine.



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My name is Aleks, and I am a writer, blogger, traveler, and yoga teacher. I believe everyone has a story to share, and I'm doing just that - messily and authentically through my words and my yoga. I'm a simple soul with a simple life, learning and sharing with the world how to uncover and own new parts of our Self every day.

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