About Me

My name is Aleksandra Slijepcevic. I am a writer, yogi, and teacher, and I write about mindfulness, movement, and mental well-being. I weave my life experiences into my writing, where I openly talk about growing up in war as a refugee in Eastern Europe, my transition to an American lifestyle and the struggles therein, and my daily juggling act of developing a Western mindset and still nourishing my Eastern roots. I also pull every post I publish back to mental health, and share my battles with depression in hopes that this stigma will unveil the light we need to be vulnerable and free.


When I began teaching yoga in 2015, I saw firsthand how I could connect my words to action, and with that, I started inviting students to explore all of the things that used to (and still do, sometimes) scare me: honoring your body where it is, how it looks, how much it weighs; sitting with the unpleasant memories and thoughts that come in, knowing they aren’t meant to hurt you or kick you down; slowing down long enough to just slow down; and falling, failing, stumbling, and losing your way to realize this, too, is OK and necessary.  In my own practice and with students, I invited both myself and others to glimpse at how simple it can be to uncover new parts of ourselves every day and begin to love those parts whole-heartedly! My passion for yoga has enabled me to sit down and be a proud and messy writer who joyously believes that every story is meant to be told – and I’ve continued sharing my own story. Through yoga and writing, I’ve pursued my dream to travel the world, develop my talents and gifts, meet amazing people, and avidly raise awareness and support for the planet, the wildlife, and elephants in particular. I am a simple soul, with a simple life and a yoga mat, trying to own the limitlessness of my experience in this life.

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Aleksandra Slijepcevic is a Contributing Writer for a variety of online columns. Her yoga training includes certifications from respectable teachers who have instilled dedication, tradition, and knowledge grounded in passion for this practice. She holds BA and MS degrees in Professional Writing, as well as Yoga Alliance-accreditation and Reiki certifications.