5 Reasons Why I’ve Opted for Solo Travel and Will Never Look Back (Nor Wait for Anyone Else)

Traveling alone has given me the liberty to not only see the world through my own experience of it, but to see myself in relation to it. It’s created space for me to learn about myself, and therefore, about others. I’m grateful for the knowledge and the wisdom, but perhaps more importantly, for the time I’ve spent alone. I know now that the company of myself is as rich and fulfilling as the relationships of people I’ve come to love and admire.

Beauty and Adventure: Cancun, Mexico

While Cancun, Mexico may bring to mind, for many, a college student's drunk getaway, I think that mentality alone paints the wrong picture. Mexico, in general, is comprised of numerous regions, all authentic with their own culture and history, and to label any such region, specifically Cancun, as just a "party place" rips its rich …

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Colonial Williamsburg: A Little Slice of Heaven

If you live on the East Coast of the United States and are preferably within some comfortable distance of Virginia, you have probably heard of Colonial Williamsburg. I can assure you that every middle school kid has heard of it, since it's one of the staples of annual field trips enjoyed by many. So, I …

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